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Vancouver 125 Summer Live will draw large crowds to Stanley Park. As there will be driving and parking restrictions, and in keeping with the City of Vancouver’s sustainability initiatives, festival goers are encouraged to arrive by bicycle or on foot via the seawall. Cycling or walking will be the most expedient way to get easy access to the festival site at Stanley Park’s Brockton Point.

Download the transportation guide, schedule and a map of Brockton Point in Stanley Park.

Getting to Summer Live:

CYCLE: there will be two free, secure and staffed bicycle compounds in the festival area at Brockton Point. Think of the Bicycle Valet like a coat check for bikes! Follow the seawall in to the park, and watch for signage to guide you. It’s a 5-8 minute bike ride from the roundabout at the entrance to Stanley Park to the Bicycle Valet sites.

WALK: Walk along the seawall and follow the signs toward Brockton Point. The park is within easy walking distance from downtown, the West End or False Creek. From the roundabout at the entrance to Stanley Park, it’s about a 10-12 minute walk to the festival entrance by the totem poles.

WATERFRONT SHUTTLE: We are pleased to offer a free shuttle bus from Waterfront Station to the festival (drop off will be near the totem poles at Brockton Point). The shuttle runs to the festival daily from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with service every 15 minutes. Board the shuttle on West Cordova Street, one block west of Waterfront Station. The last shuttle to Waterfront Station will leave the totem pole area at 12:30 AM.

PARK SHUTTLE: Within Stanley Park, we are also offering a free shuttle service to help those in other areas of the park access the festival. There are several pick up & drop off locations: at the two parking pay stations on Pipeline Road (by Park Drive and by the entrance to Beaver Lake), on Pipeline Road by the entrance to the works yard parking lot, at the Vancouver Trolley Company stop in the bus loop, on Park Drive across from the Park’s Information Centre, and the totems near Brockton Point. Service will be approximately every 15 minutes, ending at 12 midnight.

PUBLIC TRANSIT: Public transit services Stanley Park from points throughout the Lower Mainland. The #19 stops at the bus loop near the Malkin Bowl area, and it’s about an 8-10 minute walk from the bus loop to Brockton Oval. Visit for routes and schedules, or use Translink’s trip planner widget:

PARKING: Vehicle and parking access will be very limited, and there will be no public parking near the festival site in Brockton Point. Your best bet for parking is to find one of the lots near Waterfront Station, and hop on the free Waterfront shuttle to Brockton Point. If you do drive to the Park, look for parking near Pipeline Road, and then hop on the free Summer Live park shuttle (see above). Pay parking is in effect throughout the park; buy tickets at pay stations for hourly or daily parking.

The sun sets around 9:15 PM, and the festival ends nightly at 11:00 PM. If you are cycling or walking, bring a headlamp, bike lights, flashlight, and/or reflective gear. Many areas of the park are not lit at night & we want everyone to get home safely. The last shuttle to Waterfront Station will leave the totem pole area at 12:30 AM, & the last trolley to Pipeline Road will leave the totems at 12 midnight. The last two Translink bus leave the park at 12:57 AM and 1:27 AM.

Each of the three festival stages will have accessible viewing platforms (marked as D on the map), and a dedicated parking lot for people with disabilities; this is the Cricket Lot, marked on the map as M.

Download the location map, event schedule and transportation guide for Summer Live (pdf):


Where can I rent bikes or rollerblades?
Bike and rollerblade rentals can be found just outside the park on Denman near Georgia Street and on Davie Street.

Can I check my rollerblades / skateboard / etc at the free Bicycle Valet locations?
Yes, they will accept almost anything on (non-motorized) wheels including tandem bikes, bikes with trailers, skateboards, rollerblades, and strollers. No scooters, please.

What if my bike breaks down / gets a flat tire / chain comes off, etc and I need help?
The Bicycle Valet will have a pump and some patch kits on hand, but no formal service. They cannot accept liability for your bike or any assistance provided.

What are the hours for the secure bicycle compound (Bike Valet) close?
The hours are 11:30am – 11:30pm.

What happens if there are unclaimed bikes at the end of the night?
On Friday and Saturday those bikes will be locked inside the compound overnight after closing and patrons can claim them the next day. The same on Sunday night, and if they are still there when we tear down, The Bicycle Valet takes them away and they can be claimed with the claim stub and a minimum fee of $20. Summer Live and The Bicycle Valet accept no responsibility for bikes left after hours even if they are inside the locked compound, nor for bikes left over at the end of the event.

Can I bring a stroller / walker / large picnic cooler / folding chair / umbrella on the free shuttle?
Yes, but it will need to be stowed in the shuttle’s lower luggage compartment and not at your seat.

Will Stanley Park businesses and attractions like the Vancouver Aquarium be open during Summer Live?
Yes. Stanley Park businesses and attractions will remain open for business as usual.

Are there any restrictions if I bring my boat to the area to listen to the bands from the water?
If you are enjoying the festival from your boat, please have a look at these guidelines for safety on the water.

If I can’t park, where is the best place to drop off my family?
If you’re dropping people off, the best place to do this is along Pipeline Road, and then they can hop on the free park shuttle to the festival site.

Where is the Lost & Found?
At the information tent at the festival site entrance.

Are the free shuttle buses from Waterfront Station wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately, our free shuttle buses are not wheelchair accessible. Translink’s transit fleet is fully accessible to people of all abilities, enabling everyone to travel by bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express. Translink will be running regular bus service to and from Stanley Park throughout Summer Live.

Can I bring my pet onto the free shuttle?
Pets are not permitted with the exception of Assistance Animals.

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  3. I am disabled – drive a van with a scooter.
    I really want to photograph one of the performers at the Family Stage.

    I note that the handicapped parking is close to the stage. My questions are:

    1. Will I be allowed to enter the park and park in the M location?
    2. Will I be able to scooter to the stage area?
    3. I cannot take public transport so if I am unable to park then would I be able to take a taxi to the stage area?

  4. Vancouver125 says:

    1. Will I be allowed to enter the park and park in the M location?

    Yes, just show your vehicle’s disabled permit at the checkpoint and let them know you are heading to the Cricket parking lot (M on the map).

    2. Will I be able to scooter to the stage area?


    3. I cannot take public transport so if I am unable to park then would I be able to take a taxi to the stage area?

    Yes, taxis will be allowed in to drop off.

  5. Leilani says:

    Are dogs allowed to come on a leash?

  6. Vancouver125 says:

    Dogs are allowed on leash in Stanley Park and at the festival area.

  7. Andy says:

    Can I hop on the shuttle coming from Waterfront Station at Jervis St. or a similar intermediate location? My wife has a foot problem which limits her ability to walk all the way into the park. We live in the city and have no car.

  8. Vancouver125 says:

    There are no stops between Waterfront Station and Brockton Point in Stanley Park. You could take the #19 bus into the Park and then catch one of the Park Shuttles that will be circling through the Park.

  9. Vancouver125 says:

    The free shuttle to Summer Live leaves from the corner of Cordova & Howe about 100 meters West of Waterfront Station.

  10. Vancouver125 says:

    Feel free to bring along a picnic.

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